Learning Experiences

Tomales Bay Workshop October,  2017 - Writing by Writers

Pam Houston,Instructor

Writers, Readers, and Story: A Prose Workshop for Work-in-Progress - 2017

 Patricia Ann McNair, Instructor 

Interlochen July, 2017 - Fiction Writing Workshop: Style & Narration 
John Mauk,

Interlochen June, 2017 -  Writers Retreat 
Robert Vivian,Personal Essay Instructor

June, 2017 - Journal & Sketchbook Workshop 
Philip Hartigan & Patricia Ann McNair,Instructors

Interlochen April, 2017 - A Week of Deep Revision Workshop  

 Katey Schultz, Instructor

Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters November, 2016 – Five Rivers Memoir Workshop,

Anne-Marie Oomen,Instructor  

November, 2016 – Pushing the Story Weekend

 Patricia Ann McNair, Instructor

Online Class
July, 2016 – Into the Flash

 Katey Schultz,Instructor

July, 2016 – A Room of One’s Own,

Patricia Ann McNair,Instructor

Interlochen Writers Retreat
June, 2016

Mary Kay Zuravleff, Novel Instructor

April, 2016 – Writers, Readers, and Story: A Prose Workshop

Patricia Ann McNair, Instructor

February, 2016 – Deep Revision Workshop Weekend

Katey Schultz, Instructor

Interlochen 2015 Pushing The Story Weekend

Patricia Ann McNair,Instructor

Ragdale 2015 - Writing the Landscape

Patricia Ann McNair, Instructor

Interlochen 2015 - Writer's Retreat

John Mauk,Short Story Instructor

A Rally of Writers, 2015

Jack Lessenberry, Keynote Speaker and Instructor

Mardi Jo Link, Instructor

Keith Taylor, Instructor

Interlochen 2015 Creative Writing Weekend – What is Flash Fiction?
Katey Schultz, Instructor

Poet & Writers Live – San Francisco: Inspiration, January, 2015
Kay Ryan, Poetry Keynote
Joyce Carol Oates, Author 

Interlochen 2014 Fiction Writing Weekend

Patricia Ann McNair, Instructor

Interlochen 2014 Writers Retreat

Susanna Sonnenberg, Instructor   

Creative Nonfiction Online 10-Week Course – Writing the Personal Essay
 Winter 2013 and Winter 2014

 A Rally of Writers, 2014

 Lev Raphael, Instructor

 A Rally of Writers, 2013 

Karen Dionne, Keynote Speaker and Instructor 

 Interlochen 2013 Memoir Writing Workshop 

 Katey Schultz, Instructor  

 Interlochen 2013 Writers Retreat

Anne-Marie Oomen, Instructor  

Writer’s Digest – 5 Webinars related to fiction, memoir, and revision during 2011 and 2012.