"Thank you for sharing your journey of wrestling through your own emotions so that you could be a supportive mom."  Anne                                        

​​Wrestling with Myself (May, 2014)

Boy on a rope
       (September, 2017)

"A must read for all parents."  EP 

Motherlode: Essays on Parenthood


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"Great story! Excellent details. I look forward to reading more of your heart and work."  


Boy on a Rope by Julia Poole -

The East Bay Review

Powell woke to the sound soft knocking.  Disoriented, his eyes flicked around the murky room.  He zeroed in on a lava lamp, the source of the empurpled veil covering...


Waiting until it stops twitching

       (March, 2017)

Valuables stripped and numbered for auction lay in random piles. John overlooked the plaster statues, glanced beyond the panels of plywood nailed over window frames ... 

Motherlode is a collection of essays examining eye-opening, poignant, brutally honest accounts of parenting.  Essays on bittersweet empty nests, children lost to mental illness, and broken child-parent relationships all share one strong element in common.

Despite the challenges of parenthood, the writers have a deep abiding love and appreciation for their children.
Julia’s essay, “Wrestling with Myself”, is included in this anthology.

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2014 Nonfiction Finalist - "Wrestling with Myself"

"Tremendous stories about the real life of parenthood. These are essays that will draw you in and stay with you."  - JP