Julia was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up in the country near farms and apple orchards, not far from Lake Michigan.  Life before reading consisted of conversations, family get-togethers, playing outside, Sunday mass and paging through books.  Learning to read opened the world.  Favorite places to read were under blankets with a flashlight, perched in a tree during summers and sitting on a furnace vent in the kitchen during sunless days of winter.  

Attending Michigan State University, Julia left East Lansing with a B.A., M.A. and a husband.  A speech-language therapist for twenty years, Julia worked with incarcerated male youth, elementary and middle school-aged children and stroke patients. A mother of two college-aged children, Julia has been married thirty years.  She lived for short stints in L.A., Chicago, Brighton, MI, and New York.  Julia currently resides in Rockford, Michigan.  She writes memoir, creative nonfiction and short stories.

My Writing journey

Meet Julia

“When I was a child, I played the clarinet and saxophone and created short skits that my friends performed in class.  I wrote stories, sometimes drawing illustrations or book covers.  Later, in my early thirties, I taught myself to play piano.  I never considered myself an artist.  But I was.  Fellow writer, Katey Schultz, once told me, “the best and most sincere ideas in our hearts never go away – we can always use them as the foundation for our writing.”  With an open heart and mind, the artistic journey I began years before continues now with renewed purpose.  Grateful for the support of family and friends, I extend special thanks to Jeff, my husband and first reader.  For life’s journey, there could be no better travel companion.  Onward.”

                                     Julia Poole